Are Brown Crickets Super Crickets?


brown cricketsBrown (banded) crickets proved themselves to be far more nutritious than their rival Black Crickets and Silent Crickets in recent laboratory tests. Brown (banded) crickets were proved to have a higher calorific value and to contain higher levels of protein than both their rivals.

Why would anyone want to pay more? Brown (banded) crickets represent a genuine, honest, superb deal for livefood buyers. Probably the best value for money on the UK internet today. Maybe we should call them Super Crickets?

The tests came out as follows:

Brown Crickets tests

Current Price per 1,000 large crickets: £12.00 (brown crickets)  £14.92  (silent crickets)  £25.33 (black crickets)

All prices are inclusive of VAT and postage.

Tests were performed by Foodtest laboratories on behalf of Livefoods Direct on April 26th 2010.

Each and every week throughout the year Livefoods Direct breeds a minimum of 800,000 Banded Crickets. Banded Crickets provide a high nutritional diet for Birds and reptiles. Crickets are nurtured on a very high fibre diet consisting of Progrub; it is a mix of our unique brand of ingredients. Banded Crickets (Gryllodes Sigullatus) are the biggest selling Brown Crickets that we farm; they are native to Tropics – India. Banded Crickets are probably the weakest Brown cricket; they cannot withstand cooler temperatures so struggle to arrive in good condition after their journey in the harsher winter months. Banded Crickets have an amazing growth rate, from hatching out of its egg pod to being able to reproduce itself the Banded Crickets will take 35-42 days. That is only if the Banded Crickets are kept in ideal conditions.

Branded Crickets are available in the following 6 sizes

Banded Crickets can be purchased in different sizes, different packs depending on how many, and how big you the customer require. The Banded Crickets are packed in prepack tubs or you can purchase the Banded crickets in bulk sacks.

Banded crickets must be kept in a cool dry place between 16-20°C, Banded Crickets that have been travelling overnight, by courier or postal service may need to be transferred on arrival depending on the quantities. Using a tank with a tight-fitting well-ventilated lid to stop them from getting too warm. Banded Crickets need perching areas these can be provided for the Banded Crickets in the form of cardboard egg cartons. This is also to reduce stress to the Banded Crickets, which will reduce cannibalism. A small saucer of progrub can also be placed in with the Banded Crickets.

Fresh carrot or cabbage leaves be provided, ensure that any carrot or cabbage is washed and that any pesticide trace is very low. Feed the Banded Crickets daily, any uneaten old leaves should be removed from the Banded Cricket habitat.

The Livefoods Direct team is highly skilled and committed to maintaining a high level of quality and service, giving you, the customer, the best deals possible.

Orders placed before Noon Monday to Thursday will be shipped the same day. Take a look at our website and buy banded crickets today.

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