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Scorpions Are Amazing

  • Scorpions are arthropods and arachnids – most closely related to harvestmen
  • Scorpions live 2-10 years in the wild – one of the longest lifespans of arthropods
  • Scorpions are amazing at surviving – they can live a year without food, stay submerged under water for up to 2 days, live in very harsh dry environments getting moisture only from food, and use only a tenth of oxygen of most insects
  • There are scorpions on all of the continents except Antarctica – although not native to United Kingdom, the European Yellow Tailed Scorpion became established after being accidentally introduced, however they are small and harmless to humans
  • Ancient scorpions likely started in the seas and may have had gills – before moving to land 420 million years ago, early scorpions may have had compound eyes
  • Fossils show that for the last 300 million years scorpions remain largely unchanged
  • All scorpions are venomous – they inject venom from the end of their tail, and can produce it whenever and however strong they want
  • A scorpion sting is not that dangerous to humans – it may hurt, but only 25 out of the almost 2000 known species produce venom strong enough to be dangerous to humans
  • Scorpions have 2 eyes on the top of their head and 2-5 pairs of eyes along the front corners – despite lots of eyes they have poor vision, but they can tell light from dark and have excellent low light sensitivity. They rely mostly on touch and scent, using sensory hairs and slit organs all over their body
  • Scorpions breath through 4 pairs of book lungs
  • Scorpions hunt at night and most eat whatever they can get – most will eat insects, spiders, other arthropods, grubs, earthworms, and even small rodents and lizards, although some specialise in particular prey
  • Mother scorpions will eat their babies if food is scarce
  • Scorpions glow in the dark under UV light – except when they have recently molted their skin
  • Scorpion mothers give birth to live baby scorplings – they then ride on her back for protection until they molt their first skin
  • Scorpions dance to mate – the male walks the female back and forth until he finds a good place on the ground to put his sperm, he then positions her over it for her to take it up
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