Simple Ways We Can All Help Local Wildlife In Our Daily Lives

We can all help local wildlife in our daily lives. Here are some simple tips:

  • Pick Up Litter – so many animals get hurt by litter
  • Feed – learn what is healthy to feed them
  • Make Garden A Wildlife Habitat – provide water, grow a variety of plants
  • Leave Wild Patch In Garden
  • Make Small Homes In Garden – for birds, bats, hedgehogs, insects etc.
  • Garden Safety – put away anything that could hurt animals
  • Make Gaps In Garden Fences – to allow wildlife to move freely between gardens
  • Compost – reduces landfill, benefits soil, creates homes for wildlife
  • Rescue – help animals in need, always try to contact a professional before stepping in
  • Educate – teach others about wildlife and how to care for them
  • Respect – respect wildlife, and show others how to

Anyone else have any tips for how to help wildlife??

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