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Join in Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 with Livefoods Direct!

Big Garden Birdwatch - Mealworm Offer with Livefoods Direct

This year’s Big Garden Birdwatch survey with the RSPB takes part on the 30th and 31st January 2016. To join in, all you have to do is spend one hour counting the birds that come into your garden or local park and record the highest number of each bird species seen at any one time.

The records from the world’s biggest bird survey provides vital snapshots of the UK’s birds each winter, and the organisers are hoping that this year’s birdwatch will be a record breaking event! Last year saw over half a million people take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, spotting more than 8.5 million birds across the UK.

For more information and to request your free pack click here.

We are running 2 Special Offers to support this fantastic event!

Buy a 1kg sack of mealworms and get a FREE maxi pack of mini mealworms
See our Home page under special offers, just click on the offer & add code at checkout: 1KGBWATCH
Buy a 500g regular sack of mealworms and get a FREE pre pack of mini mealworms
See our Home page under special offers, just click on the offer & add code at checkout: 500GBWATCH

Mealworms are a great natural food source for birds and can be used to feed them throughout the year. The high protein levels in mealworms, assists birds with their natural reproduction through the breeding season.

We hope you’ll all be taking part in this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch!

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January Promotions for 2014 – Save an EXTRA 25% on Selected Items

January Promotions


PROMO CODE: JAN14 at the checkout to save 25% on these items in January 2014

Exo Terra Thermometer/ Hygrometer
PT2455 Liquid Crystal Thermometer
PT2465 Dial Thermometer
PT2466 Hygrometer
PT2470 Combination Thermometer & Hygrometer
PT2472 Digital Thermometer With Probe
PT2477 Digital Hygrometer With Probe
Exo Terra Infrared Basking Spots
PT2142 Infrared Basking Spot 75w ES
PT2144 Infrared Basking Spot 100w ES
Exo Terra Halogen Basking Spots 50w ES
PT2181 Halogen Basking Spot 50w ES
PT2182 Halogen Basking Spot 75w ES
Exo Terra Hides
PT2864 Gecko Cave Small
PT2865 Gecko Cave Medium
PT2866 Gecko Cave Large
PT2867 Crystal Cave Medium
PT2868 Crystal Cave Large
Fluorescents Lamps
NAR18 Narva Reptilight 18” 15w
NAR24 Narva Reptilight 24” 18w
NAR30 Narva Reptilight 30” 25w
NAR36 Narva ReptiLight 36” 30w
Ultratherm Aztec Heat Strips
HSTR1 Heat Strip 17 x 6
HSTR2 Heat Strip 23 x 6
HSTR3 Heat Strip 35 x 6
HSTR4 Heat Strip 47 x 6
Ultratherm Aztec Heat Mats
HM1 Heat Mat 6 x 11
HM2 Heat Mat 11 x 11
HM3 Heat Mat 17×11
HM4 Heat Mat 23 x 11
RLCD500 Reptiluxe Calci Pure 100g
RLCD501 Reptiluxe Calci Pure 250g
RLCP502 Reptiluxe Calci Phos 100g
RLCP503 Reptiluxe Calci Phos 250g

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